Ana Cardoso Cachopo

I'm passionate about learning and educating. I love to be challenged with complex and chaotic problems and bring order to them. And I love to help others grow and expand their knowledge. Being a professor at university allowed me to pursue both of these passions for 20 years.

When I finished my PhD in Machine Learning in 2007, I wouldn't guess that it would become such a core technology across so many domains in such a short period of time. I'm amazed with the applications of ML in Data Science and thrilled by the combination of areas brought into it. I'm excited with the prospect of solving challenging problems while engaging with like-minded people from many diverse backgrounds.

I don't have much practical experience in Data Science yet, but I have a solid background in programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and I'm a fast learner. In my dream job I can work in a team, continue to learn, and quickly evolve to mentor new team members. I want to use ML and AI to solve practical problems and make the world a better place, in an informal work environment where different opinions are openly discussed, and where people matter.

In my free time I volunteer as a photographer at swimming galas and practice my general photographic skills. Some of my photos are on Flickr or on Instagram and I am a Google Local Guide.

I went to university at IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, where I got the following degrees while belonging to the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science:

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